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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Greetings from Aussie!!! I've finally got my internet up. Its been a hectic 2 weeks, been buying furniture for my room, getting my bank account up, my phone line and internet. But i really like it here, its summer now, but alls great. It was a nice time to getaway, 26th january, Australia day!!! We went down to south bank and watched the fireworks. The fire works were quite nice and as expected, there was a large crowd of people there, mostly with beers in their hands. :p

The fireworks lasted quite long and they were quite nice, but fireworks are quite the same everywhere i guess. how different can fireworks get anyway? Moving along, here are some pics of my house from the outside. what you see is actually 2 units, mine's the one on the left. Its a little small, but its adequate and quite cosy... for those who don't know, I'm staying in the garage, so the metal door on the left, thats an entrance to my room. I could use the remote to gain access to my room too. I was initally worried it would be too hot, but luckily there is another house infront of my unit which helps block off most of the sun.

The pic below is what my 'room' looks like now. After looking and hunting for furniture that would suit my room, this is what i came up with. I rather like it. The sofa is actually a sofa bed as well, I thought it would look nicer that way rather than having a bed there. The washing machine is behind my cupboard and there is access to the house via the door you see on your right, so its not that bad.

Remember the metal door earlier?

And for those who are wondering what I'm doing for meals, I'm cooking! well.... linda is cooking mainly and i do help out. Below are 2 dishes, spaghetti bolognase (cooked from scratch) and my patented baked cheese and potato dish, with sausage and cauliflower!

Anyway, things are rather expensive here I guess, one meal would cost you upwards of 5AUSD and above, and I can't help but think about how much I'm spending in ringgit. But I'm trying as hard as I can to save money. Uni's ok, but you really have to be motivated and learn more if not you'll just be left behind. I started with mental health and its quite interesting to talk to mental patients. Anyways, just dropping a note to bring you guys up to speed. I gave Eugene, FN, Jeff and Law my number, just get it from them or drop me a msg on my floobleboard. Take care guys and watch this space. I know its been dead for a while, but start spreading the news!!
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