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Project Weight loss Day 2
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
I watched Spiderman 3 today, I thought the show was quite good, it was also nice to be able to watch the show on the largest screen in brisbane without the crowd since its a tuesday. I hate the free-seating policy in Australia. Anyway, we continue with the on-going weight loss.

Day 2

Well, I didn't really get to do exercise today, but I did manage to keep my food intake to a normal amount, with no over eating. Lets just cut to the chase. The weighing scale was kind today,

Yes!!! dropped another Kg! the graph's looking pretty good.

So far the weight loss is going according to plan, at this rate, I'll be at my target weight in no time at all. if any of you need any tips I'd be glad to help :p Another day, another Kg to burn....
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Project Weight loss Day 1
Monday, May 21, 2007
Well, we tried playing basketball this morning, but it was freezing and it was drizzling, far too uncomfortable for us to continue playing at for any significant length of time. We decided to adjourn to 'Hungry Jacks' thats Burger King to the rest of you for breakfast. Heheh.. I've always wanted to play mini golf, and we finally got to play it this afternoon. It was loads of fun, way harder than we all imagined. There were plenty of obstacles, hills and fun too. It was just a great time :p Anyways, this post is to continue the saga of weight loss.

Day 1.

Haven't really done too much exercise today, but there was some in the freezing cold morning, attempting to play basketball, and about 3 hours at the mini golf course, walking around should have burned some calories. Very light dinner due to a heavy lunch and I weighed myself...

Ok, Ok, so its only 500g, but hey, its something right? Lets have a look at the weight loss graph

Yes, the scale is a little skewed, and it makes my puny 500g weight loss look monumental, but hey, anything to give me a little bit of a boost. Here's to more weight loss to come!
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Project weight loss?
Sunday, May 20, 2007
OK ppl. I've been gaining weight ever since I've come here to brisbane. Its a combination of Linda's good cooking, and the total lack of exercise. I've been living such a sedentary lifestyle since I've been here so far. Its time for project weight loss. For the next week at least or so, I'll be documenting everything I eat, and how much exercise I do, and most importantly, how much I weigh. (sigh)

At the moment, I weigh about 69-70kg. The scales at home aren't too accurate and it keeps fluctuating before/after meals. So for this purpose, we'll set the starting point at 70 kg. For the record, this is the heaviest I've ever been in my life, I was 58kg during A levels, but at that point I was training everyday, so thats a little hard. My target weight loss will be to get down to around the 60-62kg mark. I usually gain/lose weight pretty easily, so we'll see how long this weight loss takes. Just thought it would be fun to share my progress with anyone left who still reads this blog.

Anyway, at 70kg, and height of 1.65m, that means my BMI is 25.7 . Yes, I know thats marginally in the overweight category, Hopefully, that'll come down quickly in the next few days. When I start getting my flat stomach back, I might consider posting some pictures, otherwise, numbers and stats are all you're going to get. Ha! I think I'm going to put on my running shoes and go for a jog now. Watch this space!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Its been a rough couple of weeks for me, spent lots of time at the GP clinic, from 9-7++ just observing and performing certain procedures (injections) and a couple of physical exams. I would say it was a good learning experience to be able to apply the knowledge to real life patients, but it was rather tiring. Not to mention the fact that I was completely unable to answer some of the questions my GP asked me. All I could do was give him a blank stare and pretend that I knew the answer but I had some sort of mental block. But at the end of the 7 weeks I think I did manage to get a better grasp of things and wasn't as clueless. I got quite a good evaluation at the end of the attachment, which is a big plus.

I'm in the midst of the exams now, and its pretty nerve wrecking. People who know me should know that I'm usually relatively calm before exams and I only start getting nervous like an hour or so before. But this time, I actually started worrying about the exams. I don't know if its because the exams are getting harder or because we're expected to know more or because I'm just a year and a half away from becoming a doctor!!!! Its pretty overwhelming to think that in less than 2 years, I'll be treating patients for real in life/death situations. I pray that God gives me the strength and wisdom to be able to cope.

On a lighter note, Liverpool has made it to the champions league finals again!! Unfortunately it could not be a Barca Liverpool final, but its AC milan once again. I can't wait to watch the match. I was also pleasantly surprised that there are live telecasts of the champions league matches here in brisbane. I predict another Champions league trophy for us, but I doubt it'll be as exciting as in 2005.
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